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Tribute Video to our International Kendo and Iaido Senseis and friends during the Lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, South Africa has been in lockdown since March 2020.

As a result, our training venue at the Rivonia sports and recreation Club, has had to close its doors to all members and visitors.

However, we have continued to train online via our virtual dojo!

It wasn't easy at the beginning as we had to learn about new technologies, create a space in our homes to train, and find the motivation and inspiration to pick up and swing a shinai again!

But eventually we got the hang of it, and now we train up to 6 times a week in Kendo, Iaido, and Kendo Kids!

We have had the privilege of having some amazing sensei's from around the world lead our online sessions.

A few of us also had the privilege of taking part in session with dojos and senseis from other parts of the world!

They came from:

- Austria

- Brazil

– Belgium

– Canada

- Finland

- France

– Italy

– Japan

– Korea

– Mozambique

- Netherlands

- Norway

- Portugal

– Sweden

- Switzerland

– UK


Lastly, we have also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful new Kendo friends from around the world while training at these global sessions!

To all our international senseis and new friends, we would like to say:

"Thank you very much” (English),

"Hartelijk dank" (Dutch).

"Tusen takk" (Norwegian),

"Danke Schon" (German),

"Merci beaucoup" (French),

"Muito obrigado" (Portugese),

"Tack så mycket" (Swedish),

"Grazie mille" (Italian),

"Kiitos paljon" (Finnish),

"대단히 감사합니다 daedanhi gamsahabnida " (Korean),

" どうもありがとうございました Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita" (Japanese)

Although this pandemic has kept us apart, our passion for kendo has brought us closer than ever before.

We look forward to crossing swords with both our old and new Kendo friends soon!

Until then - stay Safe, stay healthy, keep training!

Our World Kendo Wednesday sessions were led by the followings senseis:

- Markus FREY sensei from Finland (15 April 2020)

- Christian FILIPPE sensei from Italy (22 April 2020)

- Young PARK sensei from United Kingdom (6 May 2020)

- Manuela HOFLEHNER sensei from Austria (13 May 2020)

- Werner KARNADI sensei & Seekee CHUNG sensei from Netherlands (20 May 2020)

- Alberto & Tábita TAKAYAMA sensei from Brazil (23 May 2020)

- Ioannis KARAMPATOS sensei from Norway (27 May 2020)

- Thibault Brunel DE BONNEVILLE sensei from France (3 June 2020)

- Chieko YANO sensei from Belgium (17 June 2020)

- Oscar KIMURA sensei from Switzerland (24 June 2020)

- Christos PERDIKOULIS sensei from Mozambique (Ongoing Iaido instruction)

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