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WHAT IS "JODO" ( 杖道 )?

The Art of the Short Stick

"Today most people who encounter Jodo find the All Japan Kendo Federation Jodo quite extant throughout the world. These Kata have become established as standard modern Jodo and are to be found in many Kendo Federations around the world affiliated through membership to All Japan Kendo Federation and ultimately FIK (Federation International Kendo).

The main target to which hits and thrusts are aimed is the solar plexus. Beside this the temple, the point between the eyes and the sides of the trunk are also important targets. Unlike Kendo no protection is worn when practising and so concentration and focus become extremely crucial to avoid any accidents. The actions of the Jo are, when executed in combined series, very effective as a defence against attacks by the Japanese sword.


Another remarkable aspect of Jodo is the rapidity and the frequency by which the Jo is handled. This is due to the fact that the Jo has the versatility to be used without releasing your grip and by utilising both sides of your body to initiate attacks from. The Jo is as such an excellent way to develop dexterity.


In like-minded terms the philosophy of Jodo which is shared with Kendo and Iaido is the purpose of practice to cultivate the human spirit as well as train the body. In the All Japan Kendo Federation Jodo instruction manual these benefits are summarized as developing respect, sincerity, integrity and patience, thereby contributing to a valued human being in society." 

-Extracts from the European Kendo Federation (EKF) website

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