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Send Ray Sensei to Switzerland (#SendRayAway Donation Campaign)

Updated: 2 days ago

#SendRayAway is the hashtag to use!`

last updated: 23/07/2024

Ray FLEMING sensei, 80 years old, has been doing Kendo (the Japanese martial art of the sword) for over 40 years, and still continues to train as vigorously as ever up to 3x a week!

Ray sensei first saw kendo during his time in Japan as a Judoka (person who practises Judo, another Japanese martial art similar to that of wrestling). He started his Kendo journey when he came to South Africa, and played an integral part in developing Kendo during those early years by fulling various executive roles on the national Kendo federation, the South African Kendo Federation (SAKF). Furthermore, he had helped establish a number of dojo's within South Africa including the Ken Yu Kai Dojo, Mushin Dojo, San Kawa Dojo and the Ryu Ken Chi Dojo. Furthermore, he has also been a positive influence to many Kendoka not only in South Africa, but also in countries abroad such as Malawi and Mauritius! His contribution has been invaluable to so many people, which is evident in this recent 80th birthday tribute:

During his Kendo career, Ray sensei has participated in many seminars and competitions, and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he generously shares with whom ever would like to learn from him. He has been on a handful of international events, including 2 trips to Japan for a “Foreign Kendo Leaders Camp” (commonly referred to as “Kitamoto Camp”).

In 2023, Ray sensei was part of a delegation that flew over from South Africa to Mauritius to host a Kendo seminar, examination and competition event. It was a hugely successful event where once again, not only was Ray sensei's knowledge and experience put to good use, but so was his natural charisma to establish stronger ties between South African and Mauritian Kendo!

Ray sensei is currently holds the rank of 5th dan in Kendo, and has been eligible to grade to 6th dan for a number of years. it has been a long time wish of his to have an opportunity to successfully achieve his 6th dan grading!

In October 2024, there will be such an opportunity for him to do so in Bern, Switzerland, as they will be hosting a 2-day high-level Kendo seminar and 6th dan grading exam.

The 6th dan examination will consist of 2x fights with other 6th dan candidates, as well as a kata performance if he makes its through the fighting rounds.

It will not be easy, BUT, Ray sensei will undoubtedly be up for the challenge!

When successful, Ray sensei will make South African history as being the ONLY 6th dan Kendoka that is currently still residing and still practising in South Africa!

This crowd funding campaign is to help fund his flight to Switzerland, internal transport costs, accommodation, food, seminar and exam costs, travel insurance, and a few other miscellaneous costs that he might incur.

Please consider donating to a very worthy cause and help Ray Sensei achieve his lifelong Kendo dream of a 6th dan rank!

We have utilised a South African crowd funding platform to help manage the donations. Please see the link to donate here!

The campaign will run from 1 April - 31 December 2024.

There have been some people who have asked if they can donate DIRECTLY to this campaign (rather than use the Back-a-Buddy platform). The answer is "YES"! Please do so by making a direct deposit to the RKC Dojo’s account below:



CURRENT ACC: 62365392358

Branch: Centurion

Branch code: 261550

Reference: “Your Name / Annon” + “SendRayAway”

The campaign video:

17/04/2024 Update:

"RKC invites Sandton to #HelpSendRayAway". The Sandton Chronicle article this week is both printed and online. Always so grateful for the support we get from the CAXTON and hope that the community can help Ray sensei's dream of a 6th Dan come true!

Check out the online article here:

#SendRayAway article in the Sandton Chronicles on 17 April 2024

23/07/2024 Update:

Ray sensei kindly shared some of his memories of his previous martial arts, Judo, with us! Take a look at these newspaper clippings and photos of a young Ray sensei back in 1962!

More photos of Ray FLEMING sensei:


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