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The RKC Budo Experience (2021)

Budo is a Japanese term. It means "martial way" and refers to those martial disciplines whose ultimate goal is spiritual, ethical and/or moral self-improvement.

Besides our focus on correct and vigorous kendo, iaido and jodo training, the Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) will create other initiatives that will further enhance our members' martial arts experience. These will collectively be known as the "RKC Budo Experience".

Typically, these experiences will be of other styles of martial arts. Some may be of Japanese origin, but not limited to only that. Furthermore, there will also be some Japanese cultural experiences that also give further insight into the martial arts that we practise.

Initiatives that are already confirmed include the following:

  1. Shimpan Seminar with Buster SEFOR sensei (Renshi, 7th Dan).

  2. RKC Internal TaiKai (competition) for bogu and non-bogu members.

  3. Tamashigiri Cutting Experience

  4. Introduction to Japanese Language Workshop with Hiroe MALLANE sensei

  5. Kobudo Bo Workshop with Lee JARDINE sensei

There are plenty more initiatives in the pipeline and will be revealed as they become confirmed!

The Budo Experience aims to enhance every RKC members' martial arts journey and expose them to not only the OTHER martial arts, but also to some aspects the Japanese culture. However part of the initiative is to also GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.

In 2019, the RKC held a TAIKAI (Competition), where all members of the SAKF (South African Kendo Federation) were invited to compete in the 2 categories (bogu and non-bogu). A small participation fee was charged to cover costs, but ALL THE REMAINING PROCEEDS COLLECTED would then be DONATED to a charity chosen by the winner of the BOGU Competition!

Over R4,000 was donated to HIS HEART MINISTRIES, a home for abandoned children between the ages of 0 to three years old, and based in Gallo Manor, Johannesburg.

It is the intention this year's RKC Budo Experience does something similar.

Therefore, a small participation fee will be charged for each Budo experience. However, don't let this "fee" prevent you from taking part - we can always make a plan!

The Chinese New Year of the Ox will soon be upon us, ushering in an ethos of "hard work, duty and discipline". Let us make this year an amazing year filled with the RKC BUDO EXPERIENCE!


The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) trains Kendo and Iaido, Japanese sword-based martial arts that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

The RKC also offers, Jodo, the art of the short staff, which is the third martial arts under the auspices of the International Kendo Federation (FIK).

The RKC is a Johannesburg-based dojo in South Africa, and offers both online classes to local and international students, as well as physical / "at the dojo" classes!

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