The 68th All Japan Kendo Championships & The 59th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships (14March'21)

VIDEO 1: All Ippons from Round 3 to Finals at the 67th All Japan Kendo Championships in 2019

On Sunday, 14 March 2021, the 68th All Japan Kendo Championships and the 59th All Japan Women's Kendo Championships will be held concurrently at the White Ring in Nagano.

Normally police officers make up the overwhelming majority of competitors (usually over 50 of the 64 competitors in the men’s competition), however, this year the police are not allowed to take part for a varirty of reasons.

To read about the full breakdown of these championships, please refer to this Kendo World article below:

For a chart of the competitiors. please refer to this AJKF link:

After a long pause on all competitions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, these championships are greatly anticipated by both local and international enthusiast. Matches from all 4 shiai-jo's will be streamed lived! Watch them on these links below:

Channel 1:

Channel 2:

Channel 3:

Channel 4: