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RKC's 2021 Limited-Edition Photo Book is AVAILABLE for Ordering

2020 was the year that the GLOBAL pandemic brought on b the Coronavirus, caused many upsets, frustrations, closing of businesses, cancellation of travel, etc. It was also a year of reflection and redirection for many. At the RKC, we too had to adapt our training so as to be able to continue growing and learning. I believe we had done so successfully! To commemorate that year, we produced this 2020 Limited Edition Photo Book.

The 2021 edition is now available to the PUBLIC to order for a limited time! The intention is to have them produced and delivered early in January 2022!

We all have photos on our phones and computers, but we hardly look at them anymore! This hard copy photo book is something that you can cherish and display proudly on your coffee tables!

To place your order, please do so via this link:

Thank you for your continued support of our dojo!


The Ryū Ken Chi Dojo (RKC Dojo) train the traditional Japanese martial arts of Kendo and Iaido (sword-based martial arts), as well as Jodo(the art of the short staff/stick), that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

The RKC DOJO has 2 venues in Johannesburg where in-dojo training takes place - Rivonia and Observatory. Online training is also available.

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Instagram: @rkc_dojo


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