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Rivonia Kendo Club in the Newspapers again

The RKC was once again featured in the back page of the Sandton Chronicles for the week ending 6 August 2021!

Take a read of the published article here:

RIVONIA – The club’s Warren Ho commended the RKC community for weathering through another ‘strict’ lockdown.

Here is the full article from the link:

Following a four-week closure, Rivonia Kendo Club is excited to welcome its members once again.

The dojo space at Rivonia Sports Club recently reopened on July 21 after it was closed on account of the adjusted Level 4 lockdown announcement.

According to the club’s Warren Ho, members did, however, not miss out on any training time as operations moved online. “These were initiated during the first hard lockdown of 2020, and we have kept at it since then, even though the physical dojo reopened soon after the hard lockdown was lifted,” he said.

He added that the closure only meant that members were not able to physically interact with one another.

I am in the firm opinion that the dojo exists merely as a safe place where we can all practise the martial arts together, but true martial artists can make any space their training environment.”

Ho commended members for weathering through another ‘strict’ lockdown and although there was a drop in online participation during this lockdown period, many others did stick to their online training sessions.

“This could have been a combination of ‘online fatigue’, stress from the recent rioting and looting, or just an overall concern and/or frustration of this ongoing pandemic.”

Nothing could however compare to having the dojo filled with eager faces who were ready to train, added Ho.

While the club rents out the community hall at Rivonia Sports Club, for the two hours that that training is in session, the community hall becomes a sacred space in which individuals can fully express themselves through martial arts practice.

“As much as I promote the idea of training consistently wherever, or in whatever conditions you may find yourself, there is nothing more special than being able to practise martial arts in a training area that is dedicated to the training of martial arts.”

Details: 082 389 9098.

By Chanté Ho Hip (CAXTON Reporter)


The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) train the traditional Japanese martial arts of Kendo and Iaido (sword-based martial arts), as well as Jodo(the art of the short staff/stick), that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

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