Video Summary of the 2021 RKC Year

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Version 2 of the 2021 RKC Video Summary

WOW! What a year 2021 has been!

Amidst the pandemic, the RKC Dojo has never had a busier year that it had in 2021! There are still a few official and "unofficial" training days for the remainder of 2021, but we are pretty much at the end of this year.

The video summary is a collection of snapshots from the pages of the "2021 Limited-Edition RKC Photobook".

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words..."! Perhaps the saying needs to be updated to include the worth of a video? :)

The 2021 Limited-Edition RKC Photobook can still be ordered via this link:

A brief overview of the year :

Jan 2021:

  • Started New Years eve with 1,000 cuts via an ONLINE session!

  • Online training is still happening!

  • Kendo classes officially re-open 6 Jan 2021

  • Custom made Jo’s from “Kobudo Gear” a local supplier.

  • Orders from Kendo Shop (Korea) and Kendo Star (UK)

Feb 2021

  • Kendo Kids resume as from 1 Feb

  • 13 Feb Shimpan Workshop with Buster SEFOR sensei (Renshi, 7th dan)

  • 19 Feb WKC in France is confirmed to be cancelled.

  • RKC is called again by the Japanese Embassy to perform a demonstration (online) for their cultural week.

March 2021

  • The RKC Winter Clothing Collection is released!

  • Winter Challenge is initiated (100x suburi from 1 Mar – 30 Aug = 18.400 cuts)


  • Online session with Shigemitsu Mitch KAMATA sensei (Kyoshi, 7th Dan), Age 42 from Etobicoke Kendo Club, Toronto, Canada.

  • “As Fit as a fiddle at 77” Caxton article on Ray sensei published 10 March.

April 2021

  • “The art of being aware" article was published in the Newcastle Express eNewsletter and features our RKC member, Frik Willimse sensei.

  • Budo Experience – Intro to Japanese with HIROE sensei

  • 24 April – Ho sensei visited KENSHIN dojo in CT.