2021 RKC Winter Championships - 5 June 2021

The 2021 RKC Winter Championships was intended to be an internal-dojo competition to allow our RKC members to experience a competition vibe after almost 18 months of no Kendo competitions dues to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, after some consideration, it was decided that these championships will be opened up to the other dojo members of the South African Kendo Federation (SAKF) and their members so as to help kick-start the competition scene in South Africa again!

As of writing though, the dreaded "3rd Wave" of COVID-19 infections has been declared and it will be up to us to ensure that strict COVID-19 safety protocols are followed prior to the event to ensure the safety of all participants. Currently, under the South African lockdown level 1 rules, our event may continue under the following conditions:

  1. Pre-screening and registration to take place before entering the dojo (the hall of the Rivonia Sports Club);

  2. Sanitize regularly using your own sanitizers or the sanitizers provided by the sports club and/or the dojo;

  3. Wear proper masks at all times both while waiting to compete, as well as when it is your time to compete. Please be sure to wear an APPROPRIATE mask or tengui under your MEN if you are required to be in full bogu (armour);

  4. As an added precaution, kindly insert a plastic mouth shield into your MEN if you are taking part in bogu. Please note that this is OPTIONAL, but is highly recommended. These will be on sale on the day if required;

  5. Adequate social distancing MAY not be an option as the hall night be rather crowded on the day. However, all doors, windows and fans will be opened to ensure maximum ventilation. It will be COLD, therefore, please bring appropriate warm clothing and socks to stay warm on the day;

  6. NO spectators will be allowed, however the even will be streamed live on YouTube. Kindly refer to the RKC's YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgD2LT8BvYAbfriDsIwMbwQ

The Provisional Agenda for the day is:

7h00 - Hall Preparation

8h00 - Registration Opens

8h30 - Opening Ceremony

8h45 - Non-Bogu Team Competition Starts

9h30 - Rivonia Karate Club demonstration

9h45 - Kendo Kids Competition Starts

10h15 - Kendo Kids Awards Ceremony

10h30 - RKC Iaido demonstration

10h45 - In-Bogu Up to 1st Dan Team Shiai Starts

12h45 - In-Bogu 2nd Dan & Up Team Shiai Starts

14h00 - Awards & Closing Ceremony

NB: Except for Mochidachi’s for the “Non-Bogu Team Competitors”, kindly leave all bogu in the car until 10am. Thereafter, the Karate Dojo will be available for all to put their gear in that section of the hall.

EVENT ADDRESS: Rivonia Sports CLub, 47 Achter Road, Paulshoff, JHB