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Star Wars and Kendo (Enough Said)!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Kendo has had quite a profound impact on the global (universal?) phenomena known as, "STAR WARS"! The iconic "lightsaber" and its distinctive buzzing sounds and dazzling lights has been the fantasy of boys and girls (as well and grown men and women) for as long as the franchise has existed!

In 2015, ESPN produced a documentary about the relationship between Star Wars and Kendo! The 23-min documentary, "Star Wars: evolution of the Lightsaber Duel", can be found on YouTube and below:

The Star Wars influence reached as far as South Africa and our Kendo community! So much so in fact, that over the years, several Star Wars events, and promotions and even videos were created! Here are all the Star Wars & Kendo videos that had been produced in the past:

2020 STAR WARS DAY By Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC)

2019 Lightsabre Kendo at Montecasino

2016: Knight Sabers Academy Performance At Emperor's Palace

2016: Star lord and She-boba fett and Jedi at Scifi con

2015: Light Saber Battle of Riv-Onia

2015: When Kendoka Get Lightsabers to Play With...


The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) trains Kendo and Iaido, Japanese sword-based martial arts that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

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