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RKC 2021 Winter Challenge

...the keys to success is the DISCIPLINE to STAY CONSISTANT and ACCOUNTABLE!

The South African winter months are approaching, and it will be a test of one's discipline to see if one is able to continue with their training program despite the weather!

To help our members through this challenging period, the RKC has initiated the "RKC 2021 Winter Challenge"!

For the next 6 months (1 Mar to 30 Aug 2021), challengers will take part in this challenge by doing 100x suburi a day! In total, the challenger will have completed 18,400 cuts by the end of the period!

Although 100 suburi may not seem alot, the real challenge it is the action of doing 100 suburi EVERYDAY, for 184 days! Planning, discipline and consistency, are the keys to success for this challenge!

Here is a summary of the rules:

1. Challenge runs from 1 March 2021 to 31 August 2021 (184 days)!

2. The Challenger is to do 100x suburi / cuts everyday, for 184 days! Skipping days and accumulating the cuts to be done on a single day is possible, BUT not encouraged. The true challenge is the discipline to do the 100 cays EVERY SINGLE DAY, regardless of what's happening around your life and environment!

3. The 100 suburi may be of any cut or techniques of your choosing, PROVIDED it is done correctly as per the martial art style which you practise.

3. Regular training DOES NOT COUNT towards your 100 Suburi per day!

4. Challengers who join in after 1 March will have ONE opportunity to catch up by doing all the outstanding cuts over 3 days! For example, if one joins on the 15 March, the new challenger will need to do an additional 1,500 cuts over 3 days (15-17 March) PLUS, 100 cuts per day over those 3 days. Thereafter, they will join the challenge as normal!

5. At the end of your 100 suburi session, you are to message, send a pic or a video to a private WhatsApp group for accountability. Failure to do so, will mean that you have not completed the day's tasks successfully and you will be removed from the challenge! Remember, the keys to success is the DISCIPLINE to STAY CONSISTANT and ACCOUNTABLE!

6. At the end of the Winter Challenge, all successful Challengers will receive a 2021 Certificate of Completion!

7. If you want to post on social media about your journey of this winter challenge, please use the hashtag, #RKCWinterChallenge and tag @rivonia_kendo_club!

Should you want to take part in our challenge, please DM us for more details!

Good luck and let's keep training hard together!

GAMBARE / GAMBATTE (i.e. “Come on!” “Let’s GO!” or “Go for it!”)

Credit to @samurai.artclub

🖌️ Art by: David Benzal⠀


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Instagram: @rivonia_kendo_club

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The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) trains Kendo and Iaido, Japanese sword-based martial arts that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

The RKC also offers, Jodo, the art of the short staff, which is the third martial arts under the auspices of the International Kendo Federation (FIK).

The RKC is a Johannesburg-based dojo in South Africa, and offers both online classes to local and international students, as well as physical / "at the dojo" classes!

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