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READY to RE-OPEN the Rivonia Kendo Club (Johannesburg, South Africa)!

Tonight, Monday, 20th July 2020, will be the re-opening of our dojo at the Rivonia Sports Club! It has been 124 days since we were last at our dojo!

However, these are still cautious times, as South Africa's COVID-19 statistics currently sits at 364k confirmed cases (with 5.033 deaths so far), and still increasing.

In light of these statistics, as well as various stringent regulation as set forth by our national sports federation, Martial Arts South Africa (MASA), the following procedures must be strictly adhered to by our members who will be attending the LIVE training session for either Kendo or Iaido:


Each attending members must have with them before arrival at the venue:

1. Mask/Face shield

2. Own hand sanitizer

3. Own training equipment

4. Own water bottle

B. PRE -PREPARATION (Student and family’s responsibilities pre-attending training at the

Training Area)

1. Must have completed the “COVID-19 SAFETY QUESTIONNAIRE” online, and have obtained a 100% pass mark. Link to the online form is:

2. Must have completed the new “RKC COVID-19 WAIVER AGREEMENT”. To be printed and handed to RKC Management at the first session. This will be sent as a separate document.

3. Must complete the “COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONNAIREbefore each session. Link to this online form is:

N.B. If you are not well, or display any of the COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME. Kindly advise the RKC dojo management of your symptoms.

4. Must be changed in hakama and kendo/Iaido-Gi BEFORE arriving at the training halls. (No changing room can be used)

C. ARRIVAL (Student and family’s protocols on arrival at the venue)

1. Only drop off will be allowed with face mask — no spectators will be allowed to enter the training hall.

2. Students to report to Screening & Sensitization Station, which will be at the front of the training hall.


3. The Screening & Sensitization Station will be conducted by the “COVID-19 COMPLIANT OFFICER”, and he/she will conduct the following 4 actions:

i. Do a temperature reading (if greater than 38 degrees, you will be sent home);

ii. Check if U have completed the “COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE” either online. If not, you will be asked to complete a written one.

iii. Record the relevant details on the “COVID-19 ACCESS CONTROL SHEET”.

iv. Hand and feet/shoes sanitizing

4. Students to place shoes in demarcated areas (each student will place items in an individual area)

5. Students to move along barricaded areas towards designated crosses on the floor (crosses will be 1.5 to 2 meters apart)

6. Masks are to be worn at all times whilst at the training venue. Training will be conducted with masks on too.


Protocols pertaining to the responsibilities the Instructor, sempais and other volunteers needs to meet to each person arriving at the training hall:

1. Ensure hall has been cleaned initially by the venue’s staff.

2. Clean the hall with club’s cleaning material. GLOVES AND MASKS must be WORN.

a. Floor to be cleaned traditional way;

b. Door handles and tables to be sanitized;

c. All windows to be opened.

3. Prepare floor plan for students, adhering to social distancing protocol.

4. Prepare Screening & Sensitization Station outside of the training hall.

5. Set up clock, showmen and drum in hall. Sanitize all equipment used.


Departure protocols for all members upon leaving:

1. Return to demarcated area.

2. If possible, wipe down your own training area with own sanitizers and towel.

3. Wipe down all equipment with own sanitizers and towels.

4. Club equipment to be wiped down with club’s sanitizers and towels

5. Pack equipment away.


1. Remove uniform before entering house and place in a well-ventilated area. Prepare for cleaning if necessary.

2. Wipe down equipment again and place in a well-ventilated area.

3. Head straight for a shower before engaging with other members of your household.

Currently, government regulations will only allow 8 students to train at once (excluding instructors), hence, it is VITALLY important that all members kindly book and honor the time slot they select. This can be e done either by contacting the RKC management team, or by using the new online booking system! Bookings will be done strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis.

However, a reminder again that you are NOT to attend training if you display any of the COVID-19 symptoms. As a reminder, here is an info-graphic of those symptoms as prepared by MASA:

Lastly, here are some additional MASA resources that identify the times lines of the COVID-19 symptoms, as well as some facts about the disease:

It is all our responsibility to ensure we beat this deadly disease, so let us all work together to ensure each other's heath and safety!

See you at the dojo soon!

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