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Change In Training Schedule at the Rivonia Kendo Club

As from 18 August 2020, South Africa is now on a Level 2 Lock down, implying that name of the previous restrictions have now been removed. As such, there has been a need to made a few changes to the club.

1. Change in Kendo and Iaido training times

As from 1 September 2020, there will be Kendo and Iaido training offered both at the physical dojo (the Rivonia Sports Club), and via the virtual online platform.


- LIVE Kendo training at the dojo will be on Wednesdays (6pm - 8pm) and Saturdays (8am - 9:30am).

- ONLINE Kendo training at the virtual dojo will be on Mondays (6-7pm); and Fridays (6:30am - 7:15am).


- LIVE Iaido training at the dojo will be on Thursdays (6am-7pm).

- ONLINE training at the virtual dojo will be on Tuesdays (5am-6pm).

2. Kendo Kids Classes to Resume

The Kendo Kids classes will resume both at the dojo and via the online classes.

- LIVE Kendo Kids classes will be on Saturdays (9:30am - 10am).

- ONLINE Kendo Kids classes will be on Tuesday and Thursdays (3pm - 3:30pm).

3. Jodo Study Group

Jodo, the art of the short staff, is one of the three martial arts that are overseen by the All Japanese Kendo Federation (AJKF). The RKC will be starting a Jodo study group in September to begin studying the martial art.

4. Fitness Sessions

Keeping fit for the martial arts is essential. Therefore, there will be 2 additional fitness training sessions offered during the week for all RKC members.

The new RKC schedule will be published on the website soon and can be found here:

For more information on any of these classes, please email us at or via the contact forms.

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