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RKC Summer Schedule and Training Agenda

Our new summer training schedule training agenda will officially come into effect from the 1st September 2021.


Our Wednesday Kendo session will be divided into 2 sessions:

1) 6-7pm will be a focused session specifically for members with no bogu and members new to bogu.

More experienced bogu members and dan grades (yudansha) are welcome to take part as the focus will be on Kihon and suburi, 2 vital elements at any stage of one's kendo development.

This session will be broadcasted live from the dojo (until 6:45pm), allowing online members to follow along.

2) 7-8pm will have a focused session for members in bogu (of any grade) focusing on wazza and Keiko.

THERE WILL BE NO FORMAL WARM-UP, so get there earlier to self warm up, or take part in the session before.

Members with no bogu will be able to continue training with a sempai, including mitori Keiko (observe and learning). This may or may not be a formal session, depending on which sempai is available to assist with training.

We all finish together at 8pm.

Our Saturday sessions will be a combined session with all members.




The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) trains Kendo, Iaido and Jodo, traditional Japanese martial arts that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

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