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Return to the Dojo on 21 July 2021

The RKC will resume dojo training again as from Wednesday, 21 July 2021. This is in light of the downward trend of the 7-day moving average Covid infection rates. This could be due to the lockdown level 4 restrictions coming into effects. Furthermore, the number of people getting vaccinated has been on the increase as the registration for the 35 years olds have been opened. Perhaps the one concern is that of a temporary spike in the infection rates caused by last week's rioting and looting, as well as the subsequent clean-up initiatives thereafter.

Regardless, the management of RKC has decided that this decrease in the infection rate, together with the stringent safety protocols that will be implemented, will be sufficient to allow members to return to the dojo.

The new training schedule is as follows. For the latest schedule, always refer to the "Schedule & Booking" tab of the website:

The COVID-SAFETY protocols are as follows:

1. Self pre-screening: Anyone who has been in contact with COVID+ people for the last 14 days should stay away from the dojo for at least 10 days after being all cleared of any symptoms. Also, if a member is displaying any symptoms, they are to stay away from the dojo, please. Once all is cleared, they may return.

2. Upon arrival at the dojo, members will have to undergo a registration process that includes a temperature check, completion of an indemnity form, and completion of the attendance register.

3. Masks to be worn at ALL TIMES (before, during and after training) that covers both nose and mouth. NB: We have concerns about using the Blue Surgical masks while training due to them not making a contact seal around the edges of the mask. Therefore, please use a material mask or the N95 masks that will seal appropiately.

4. Frequently use the sanitizers provided and/or your own sanitizers when entering, during training, and when leaving the dojo.

5. Social distance where possible. Please avoid unnecessary social activity such as chatting for now.

6. Do not use the change rooms for now. Rather come in, and leave in, your uniform.

7. The dojo will have ALL WINDOWS open and the ceiling fans will be turned on maximum to increase the ventilation in the room. Therefore, please dress WARMLY for training, as well as when you arrive and leave!

8. Kendo Training will be limited to kata, kihon and suburi for now. No sparring or gikeiko. Training on a Wednesday will also end slightly earlier to allow for members to get home before curfew.

9. Kendo Kids training will also resume, with all safety protocols in place.

10. Iaido and Jodo will resume as normal. The nature of these disciplines allows for social distancing and zero to no contact.

Looking forward to the RETURN TO THE DOJO!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep training!


The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) train the traditional Japanese martial arts of Kendo and Iaido (sword-based martial arts), as well as Jodo(the art of the short staff/stick), that encourages the cultivation of the human character.

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