2021 RKC Spring Championships - 3rd Time Lucky

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The RKC Spring Championships will take place on Saturday, 16 October 2021!

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Delta variant, the RKC Winter Championships that was planned for June was re-scheduled to the 25 September 2021. However, due to some other factors, that had to be rescheduled again for the 3rd (and hopefully) final date of Saturday, 16 October 2021!

A major change to the event will be that all proceeds collected will go towards the "DOMO INITIATIVE". The "Domo Initiative” is aimed to help the RKC Kendo Kids obtain the equipment they need to proceed on their Kendo journey. The initiative will seek out and acquire the necessary equipment through donations, purchases, etc. This stock is then rented out to the members for a small fee. These fees are in turn put into a kitty to purchase additional club-stock. The stock is then refurbished and rotated to the next Kendo Kids who needs the equipment. More details of the DOMO initiative will be published soon!

The 3 Team events of the RKC Spring Championships are:

  1. Non-Bogu Team Competition

  2. In-Bogu Up to 1st Dan Team Shiai

  3. n-Bogu Up 2nd Dan and Up Team Shiai

1. Non-Bogu Team Competition
  • Age 11 and up; Has not been in bogu; or has only been in bogu for less than 3 months

  • Team of 3 members. Teams will be “randomised” prior to the event and could comprise of a mixture of members from each dojo.

  • The event will consist of a selection of tasks that must be undertaken by the team - 1 member per task!

  • These tasks could be: 1) Haya Suburi; 2) Kirikaeshi; 3) Uchikomi-Keiko 4) Renzuku Wazza 5) Suburi.

  • Tasks will be randomly selected before each match, thereafter, teams will select which team member will perform which task.

  • Motodachi’s in full bogu will be required. Will request that all members of 3rd, 4th, 5th Dan to please make themselves available as motodachi.

  • 2 teams will compete at the same time. For the purpose of time-saving, there can be 2 shiai-jo’s operating at the same time for the pool rounds. (i.e. 4 teams competing at the same time).

  • Shimpan will be from the pool of 1-3 Dan participants.

Scoring criteria:

  • Skill

  • Stamina

  • Spirit

Staff Requirements:

  • 3x Shimpan per shiai-jo (6x Shimpan if 2x Shiai-Jo)

  • 1x Scorekeeper per shiai-jo (2x Scorekeeper if 2x Shiai-Jo)

  • 1x Competition Referee (to control the matches)

  • 2x Floor-managers to co-ordinate the fight schedule and necessary competitors around.

  • 4x Mochidachi