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2022 RKC Autumn Championships

Updated: May 10, 2022

The 2022 RKC Autumn Championships will take place on Saturday, 14 May 2022!

This will be a RKC Dojo-only event that will consist of 4 events:

1. Iaido Competition

2. Kendo Kids Competition

3. Kata Team Competition (open to all Iaido, Kendo and Jodo members)

4. Kendo Team Competition


Another 1st in South Africa - an IAIDO Taikai that will pit the Iaido practitioners against each other in a iaido kata competition.

Iaido competitors will perform a set of 3 ZNKR iaido katas (wit reiho) against each other on 2 separate shiai-jo (competition areas) in front of 3 judges. Before the match begins, the main judge will draw from a bag 3 numbers, which will be the katas which that match will be based on. Upon completion of the closing reiho, the main judge will call "HANTAI" and all the judges will score either a RED or WHITE flag. The number of raised flags per competitor will then be recorded. Then, one of the competitors will step out, and the replace the judge. The replaced judge is then the new competitor against the previous round's competitor, and the match begins again. This process is repeated until each competitor has performed 2 matches. All flags raised per competitor should be tallied and the top 2 with the most flags will proceed to the final round.


The Kendo Kids competition will be the first of its kind in South Africa, allowing our youngest members of the RKC Dojo to finally test out their samurai spirit and skills! The competition will be based on a typical class session, where by the Kendo kids will have to perform a series of kendo exercises. 2 Kendo Kids will compete against each other (RED vs WHITE), of which a panel of 3 judges will either vote for RED or WHITE. The competitor with the most flags, will win that round (this is know as the "3-flag scoring system")!

There will be a pool rounds, of which the top 2 Kendo kids from each pool will proceed to the knock-0ut rounds.

The Kendo Kids exercises they might have to perform:

- Basic men, kote and do cuts;

- Haya Suburi;

- Kirikieshi with, or without a mochidachi ***;

- Uchikomi keiko with a mochidachi ***

*** The mochidachi will be a kendo member in full armour, and will be the target at which the Kendo Kids can strike)

The scoring criteria will be:

- Big, proper cuts

- Fast feet;

- Loud voices.


This is a 2-person kata competition that will require each pair to performed pre-determined kendo-Kata . These could be the first 3 kata from the "Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho" series (Kihon 1: Ippon-uchi no waza; Kihon 2: Renzoku no waza; Kihon 3: Harai waza); and/or from the first 3 kata of the "Nippon Kendo Kata" series (Ipponme; Nihonme; Sanbonme).

There will be a pool rounds, of which the top 2 teams will proceed to the knock-0ut round.

Scoring to be done using the 3-flag scoring system.

This competition will be open to all members who do Kendo, Iaido and/or Jodo, and who know the required 6 katas mentioned above!

The scoring criteria will be:

- The pair that demonstrates the required kata as skillfully as possible.


RKC members in bogu will be able to compete in a 3-person team event! The following rules will apply:

  • The matches will be done in accordance with the FIK Shiai rules, AS WELL AS the temporary FIK rules that are in place due to the pandemic.

  • All fights are to be done according to the sanbon-shobu rules (i.e. 3-points scoring rules).

  • ALL fights will be max. 3-mins long, with the exception of the Finals that will be 5 mins long.

  • Encho will be an additional 3 mins per fight.

  • The team can consist of a maximum of 5 dan in total. For example, a team can consist of 1x 5th Dan and 2 kyu grade members; or a team may contain 2x 2nd dans and 1x 1st dan member.

  • All senior members who are not competing will be expected to assist with the shimpan duties.


The RKC AUTUMN CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place at the Rivonia Recreation Club (RRC), 47 Achter Road, Paulshoff.

The Program for the day:

8am - 8:30am : Set-Up and Registration

8:30am: Opening Ceremony

8:40am - 9:40am: Iaido Competition

9:50am - 10:30am: Kendo Kids Competition

10:40am - 11:40am: Team Kata Competition

11:50am - 1:50pm: Team Kendo Competition

1:50 pm - 2pm: Closing Ceremony

  1. Competition entry fee is R50 per event. FREE FOR ALL RKC DOJO MEMBERS

  2. Registration forms to be completed here:

  3. Deadline for entry is 8 May 2022.

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